we do general contracting for both


commercial grow facilities cannabis construction cannabis licensing how to start a grow house

-Indoor Cultivation's and green house's

-MIP kitchens 

-extraction labs and more


marijuana clones home grow how to get rid of mold in a grow how to get rid of bugs in my grow

-Residential Packages available 

please call 407-516-6406 for details

Our Services include

commercial cultivation drywall work framing general contractor Colorado hemp industry mip license


-We work with our clients from the very beginning including land selection or possible building conversion selections.

-We do all building from the ground up or just renovating and reconfigure current structures for commercial and residential needs

-We are present for all inspections and city meetings that pertain to our clientele to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.

- We also offer maintenance for existing Grow, Dispensary and Extraction establishments in addition to offering Maintenance package options. 

- States Pro Grow Builders are currently located in Colorado, Michigan and Illinois and we offer franchise options for all other states


Build, Garden & Extraction Consulting

We offer our consulting services nation wide:

-Cannabis Construction Consulting (scheduling, design to max production, proper equipment for the facilities)

- Garden/grow Consulting (create micro climates for plants to flourish,  prevention for pest and mold, etc)

- Hemp and Marijuana Extraction Consulting

(How to extract, Equipment needs, The use or Solvent or Solventless Methods etc)

-Booth types and more

3d design and layout dispensary designs cannabis display cases commerce city cannabis denver weed

Design & Layout

We offer in house services from basic layouts to 3D models, With direct client interactions so we can ensure their needs are met and maximize productivity in the given space.

Our in house team allows our clients to have the best pricing on final prints as we work directly with architects and engineers on their behalf. 

dosatron systems  dosatron repair cannabis feeding systems danvan system  danvan repair troubleshoot

Fertigation Systems and Custom Dry Cure Rooms

We help our clients find, secure, and understand the fertigation systems for their gardening and budgetary needs

With our extensive knowledge we are able do it all from installing new systems to fixing preexisting systems.

-We work with all types of Fertigation systems; ( dosatron, danvan, ez-flow and more) weather we're running new feeding lines or fixing something as simple as leaks

With our custom dry cure rooms we are able to design them to fit optimally in rooms of many sizes and maximize the amount of product you can cure at a time

We are here to make it easier

remodeling and renovations for cannabis grow marijuana contractors marijuana consultants dispensary

Remodeling & Renovating

-Full redesigns and reconfiguration on new construction or the remodeling of your current garden,  extraction, MIP kitchens or dispensary with bringing the buildings up to code or MED requirments.

You name it we can do it!

-Full redesigns, optimized layout and valued engineering 

-Equipment updating (with our knowledge of the industries most effective and affordable options)

-Demolition and Building services

constitutions site management for marijuana Colorado Michigan Oklahoma Nevada cannabis custom grows

Site management and Emergency Services

Whether your grow, cultivation's, extractions, or dispensary experience disruptions from budgeting issues, building issues or even GC's that haven't worked within the Cannabis industry  

We are here to help you get your project back on track and keep it that way.

We also offer our 24hr  Emergency Services in colorado 

Text" NEED HELP" to (303)815-7499 and one of our team members will call you.