3D Designs & Layouts

Our in house designers and layout specialist have all the tools you need to ensure success with your investment. We work directly with you, architects and engineers to make sure your establishment is best suited for your needs. Here are some examples from our multi regional designs in places like Denver Colorado, Los Angeles CA, and Michigan. 

Finished Projects

There's much to cover when you are investing your time and your hard earned money into a Grow, Dispensary or Extraction. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us and what we offer you to make your decision process easier. We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have.

Benches & Racks

We are comfortable and knowledgeable working with our clients on custom build racks or assembling prefabbed ones from places like urban grown and many more.

We also offer stationary and rolling bi-level Veg Tables and multi level racks.

Dry Cure rooms

We specialize in customizable dry cure rooms with climate, de-humidification and temperature control.

This allows us to maximize the curing process with custom racks based on  master growers wants and needs from his yield.

Drywall & Framing

When it comes to commercial metal stud construction it allows not only for compliance but also structural integrity. This guarantees additional protection against microbial and insect infestations that are found on wood structures. 

The use of higher quality used drywall allows for superior moisture and mold resistant characteristics, making drywall less susceptible to contributing towards establishment contamination.

Extraction Booths

Our in house skilled team offers our knowledge in selection and installation of extraction booths like, HAL Extraction booths, Green zone, Podtronix and more.

Our in depth selection process allows us to walk our clients through equipment optimization for C1-D1 booths.

Fertigation & Feeding systems

Our personalized systems are the next step for our clients looking to grow past hand feeding.

With our in depth knowledge of systems like Dosatron,Danvan, Easy-flo and many more we are able  install, repair and maintain filter and feeding lines.

We also make life easier on our clients by doing condensation collection, drainage and waste systems.

Floors & FRP siding

Individuality and functionality are not only encouraged but essential in the Cannabis industry. From different materials like epoxy, tile, vinyl and concrete floors the establishment can have its own operational style. 

From our experience with medical buildings we have found success in using products like stainless steel or FRP 4' 8' or full wall which allows for easier cleaning and sterilization. It also allows drywall to stay moisture resistant for wet wall or Fertigation rooms.  

Safety & Security

Like many establishments security and protection are crucial and can be more than just guards and alarms. We specialize in the installation of additional deterrents and establishment protection materials.

-concrete barriers to protect building integrity from outside factors 

-Security mesh for behind drywall (no one can brake though your walls)

-  Corrugated metal siding upgrades

-Security bars on windows

-Fire tarp protection for walls and sliding garage doors

-and much more