Frequently Asked Questions

emergency services for the cannabis industry, you green contractor cannabis contractor

Do you have emergency services for problems that may occur at a grow or dispensary establishment after hours?

Yes we do for our existing clients and new customers we are available  night or day 

From fixing doors after a break in to solving HVAC issues in the grow

Pro Grow Builders is there for you. 

fertigation irrigation and feeding for cannabis marijuana and cultivation's 
cannabis construction

My fertigation system doesn't seem to working correctly?

That's alright we will come in run diagnostics to figure out the issue 

Then we will advise and share options of resolution, as well as repair the components needed.

your green contractor marijuana consultants marijuana construction marijuana security and saftey

We have bugs, what are some options we have to fix this issue?

We can come in and evaluate the extent of the contamination 

Discuss a few different options to ensure future prevention as well as current correction.

Once a course of action is decided we can complete a fix in a timely manner to maintain stability from a economical stand point.