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About Us

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What We Do at Pro Grow Builders

Our job at Pro Grow Builders is to first ensure our customer satisfaction with our construction company and services for the cannabis community even if your just beginning or already started.

-We help clients design and build their dream facility

-Ensuring we are compliant with local and state construction standards

- Our valued engineering, construction management and experience helps set and keep realistic budget expectations and client parameters. 

- Our in depth product knowledge of all aspects benefits our customers  from purchasing to installation of all accessories and components to get your establishment up and running.

epoxy floors for cultivation's and grows 
marijuana feeding systems growing  on racks

Pro Grow Builders Background

Our passion for building began in Michigan's Metro Detroit area with 35 years of commercial, medical, residential building and general contractor experience .

With our move to the beautiful state of Colorado in 2009 we began our now 10 year commercial construction company journey into the cannabis industry.

Which has ensured our growth in knowledge and solidified our familiarization with this continually growing cannabis community.

marijuana vegetation room sgt 315 lights krystaleaves dispensary anti microbial walls

Why Choose Us?

-Our desire to stay present and up to date in all aspects of the cannabis industry ensures we are able to give our clients the strongest building blocks for success.

-Our attention to plant care ensures opportunities for flourishing and prosperous outcomes that assist in higher yields and optimal potency.

-We assist in securing our clients success, from every step needed through our designing process to setting up your plants first introduction into your establishment.

-Our fine eye for detail, construction management and available product knowledge comes from our previous years of expertise which helps our clients save thousands of dollars and still achieve the quality of artistry, ingenuity and integrity expected from such a momentous investment.