About US

We have over 5 years experience in building both residential and commercial cultivation facilities. Our Clients grows have benefited greatly from our commercial construction knowledge. We help aid our clients in the planning of electrical load requirements, water distribution applications, drainage plans, and heating and cooling systems that help aid in regulation of your gardens humidity and temperature. Staying current with the industry we also offer the ability to install remote monitoring systems for your gardening experts to regulate specific micro-climates they require, to achieve maximum benefits and the highest yields.

The Owner

For over 28 years our founder Michael Burnstein has been honing his building experience by building all types of both residential, and commercial building. His residential construction experience coming from both owning and operating a medium size remodeling company, and from the building of multiple custom homes. He also has building experience in all aspects of commercial construction and building, along with the ability to help plan both large and small scale projects. Previous projects include many  local owned and national restaurants, retail shopping centers, tenant build outs, coffee shops, light industrial and office space. Michael has also spent more than 10 years engaging in land entitlement, annexation, and the development of regional shopping centers. With this extensive background and varied experience Michael decided to specialize in the building of marijuana cultivation, using his knowledge from all types of construction.

contact us

progrowbuilders@gmail.com or 303-551-3662